Grenada Island


Grenada is an island nation in the Windward Islands of the West Indies consisting of the island of Grenada and the southern Grenadines. Grenada is the second smallest independent nation in the Western Hemisphere, after Saint Kitts and Nevis. Grenada lies north of Trinidad and Tobago, and south of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

St George’s is the capital and largest city of Grenada. The city is also the main port and commercial center of Grenada. Grenville and Gouyave are the other major towns. The island of Grenada is the largest island in the group. Other smaller Grenadines include Carriacou, Rhonde Island, Large Island, Petit Martinique (Picture Right) , Diamond Island, Caille Island, Frigate Island, and Saline Island.

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History of Grenada

It is believed that the first inhabitants of the people of Grenada were the Arawaks Indians, but they were driven out by the Caribs. Grenada was first spotted by Christopher Columbus in 1498. The French established a colony in the island in the middle of the 17th century. The British over powered France in 1783 and Grenada was made a Crown Colony in 1877. In 1974, Grenada became an independent nation.

Grenada Tourism

Grenada - renowned as the “Spice Isle” owing to the abundant cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, and turmeric - is a major tourist destination in the Caribbean. Grenada offers a wide range of opportunities for tourists to enjoy their Caribbean vacations. Grenada vacation is complete with adventure, fun, and excitement. There are several opportunities for hikers, nature lovers, bird waters, mountain bikers, and trekking enthusiasts. Grenada is rich with tourist attractions – there are several historical sites, Spice Estates, National Parks, Plantation Houses, mesmerizing waterfalls, and tropical gardens. Tourists can also enjoy day trips to the sister island of Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Here is the list of Grenada’s major tourist attractions:

Fort George

Fort George, built by the French in 1705, is one of the main historic sites in the island. The fort played a major role in Grenada’s history and it is also the assassination site of Maurice Bishop and other Cabinet ministers in the 1980’s. Fort George now serves as the Police Headquarters but still preserves a battery of old cannons and all its elaborate colonial structure.

Grand Etang Lake & Forest Reserve

Grand Etang Lake is a large crater lake situated around 1700 ft above sea level. This 30 acre (12 hectare) lake is bounded by a beautiful rainforest.

Carriacou Museum

The Carriacou Museum in Hillsborough showcases an impressive collection of Amerindian mementos and artifacts dating back to occupation by the French and British.

Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens are home to the national plants and flowers of Grenada.


There are numerous waterfalls in the island of Grenada. Of which, Annandale Falls and Mount Carmel Waterfall are the two main falls. Annandale Falls, the most beautiful of all the falls, is a 15 m cascade which flows into a mountain stream. Mount Carmel Waterfall, Grenada’s highest waterfall, has two falls cascading over 21 m (70ft) to clear pools below.

Transportation in Grenada

Grenada Point Saline(s) International Airport is situated 11 km from St George’s. Taxi facilities are available from the airport.