Bahamas Islands Vacation


Paradise is just the right word to describe the Bahamas Islands. There are many islands to choose from when you are thinking of a nice spot to spend your family vacation or honeymoon. The islands of Bahamas include Nassau, Grand Bahamas Island, Abaco, Paradise Island, and Eleuthera. All in all, there are over 700 islands that comprise the Bahamas Islands. Almost all of these islands have sunny and fun beaches.

What the Islands have to Offer

Abaco is known for its world-class sailing; Eleuthera for its pineapples; Paradise Island and Nassau for their beautiful beaches. These entire grand vacation facet make tourists ask for more.

The Bahamas Islands have many fun and exciting activities to offer as the Grand Bahamas Island is the hub of horseback riding, kayaking, nature tours, outdoor activities, and many National Parks.

Since the islands offer trade winds that are steady, there are many sailing and surfing spots to go to. For those who would prefer to spend their vacation on land, there are sightseeing activities, cycling, shopping and nature tours to choose from. If you ever grow tired of roaming the islands, don’t fret because there are superb food trips and folk music that are uniquely Bahamian to look forward to. 

Since the Bahamas Islands are surrounded with cool turquoise waters, the activities that the islands have to offer are centered on water sports. Fishing is also quite common on the island (for both locals and tourists).

Charter boats are also abundant since they are used in sport fishing mainly to catch marlin, sailfish, tuna or tarpon. Bimini Island, however, is the most visited fishing area in the entire group of islands.

Nassau is a must-see destination for snorkeling enthusiasts as well as scuba divers. There are many scuba diving and snorkeling packages to choose from, all of them offer a hands-on experience at meeting marine life.

Scuba diving and guided tours are provided by professional and certified divers. Upon signing up, you will be given the gear and equipment plus they give you all the safety tips that you would need. If this is too much for you, choose snorkeling instead. The famous Sea Gardens should be a part of any visitor’s itinerary.

Underwater photography is also quite common at the Bahamas Islands. Since the marine life is too beautiful to pass up, you can choose to photograph your underwater experience and keep the memories forever. Other water activities include swimming with dolphins and other water sports.

Choosing Cruisin’

Many people prefer to tour the islands via cruising. While on cruise, you can catch a glimpse of beautiful marine life through glass hulled boats or view the ocean floor from the deck. These trips also offer unlimited drinks, terrific food and great entertainment. Nothing can beat the party amenities and mood that is offered aboard these cruise ships.

How to Get the Best Packages

The Internet offers many web sites that deal with vacation packages. These packages often include airline tickets, hotel accommodation, breakfasts, guided tours and many more. Just make sure to scout around for the best offers before taking the final dive.

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