Bermuda Beach Vacation


Although commonly referred to in the singular, the Bermuda consists of approximately 138 islands, the main island stretches at 120 miles north of the Caribbean Sea; 840 miles east of North Carolina and 1,100 miles northeast of Miami, Florida. It’s so small that a person could walk around the entire island in less than a day.

Bermuda has a mild climate while other countries freeze during the winter months. For this reason, Bermuda cruises are often available from April until late October. There are also a handful of cruises which could go on up until the end of December.

The Bermuda Ports

A Bermuda cruise could dock on any one of the three Bermuda ports. The port of Hamilton has two shipping berths.
St. George is another port and is a historical one at that. It often attracts a large number of tourists.

The third port is King’s Wharf which has many museums, restaurants, and galleries. King’s Wharf is the center for Bermuda’s cultural activities.

Other significant places are the Bermuda Maritime Museum, the Zoo, and also the Bermuda Aquarium Museum. For a romantic touch, you could visit the historic lighthouses that line the island.

Bermuda is quite popular among tourists and those who visit the place vow to return. This just proves the timeless beauty of this small but significant island.

What to Enjoy at Bermuda Island

Bermuda is known for its mild climate, pristine beaches, lush landscapes, clear waters, and quiet atmosphere. Imagine that a 2-hour flight from New York could conveniently take you to this peaceful island.

Aside from its famous ports, the island also has a wide range of leisure facilities, private cottages, grand hotels, verdant gardens and many more.

For those who crave the night life, there are vibrant night pubs to go to. For the more active tourists, there are world class tennis and golf facilities. To the honeymooners, the pink sands of the immaculate beach in Horseshoe Bay would be enough to foster relaxation and a romantic mood.

Important Travel Reminder

The island does not allow visitors to rent cars. The only modes of transport are taxis and motor scooters (where a driver’s license is not required but you have to be at least 16 years old to be able to drive this vehicle).

Cruise Bookings

Since the Bermuda Island is a small island, there are certain restrictions on the maximum number of cruise liners to dock.  It’s best for you to check with your travel agent what these numbers are. You can make the necessary booking through phone and over the Internet.

If you are not financially stocky, don’t worry because there are budget cruises that are designed to suit your finances. Affordable travel cruise packages from world class liners are available for those who are budget-conscious. Of course there are luxury liners for those who would want to splurge on their best vacation ever. 

With all these great offers at the end of your fingertips, you are just a few clicks away from experiencing that restful yet grand vacation that you truly deserve. Visit the Bermuda Island and see what you haven’t seen yet.

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